"Not Going Quietly" is a podcast on which we explore the searing truths behind the topics everyone's talking about, resist the assumptions that thwart our empathy and understanding, and celebrate the love that sustains us. Nothing's off limits, as we're held hostage to hope by our inspirational guests and mutual vulnerability. Join us as we learn to be the change we've been seeking. Together.

About the Hosts

Britt EastProfile Photo

Britt East

Multiple Award-Winning, #1 Best-Selling Author and Podcaster

Britt East uses his experience, strength, and hope to challenge and inspire change-oriented gay men all over the world to get real, get to work, and unleash their true potential, through his books, articles, blog, videos, podcasts, and public speaking engagements.

With over two decades of personal growth and development experience in a variety of modalities, such as the 12 Steps, Nonviolent Communication, yoga, meditation, talk therapy, and the Hoffman Process, Britt is committed to building a personal practice of self-discovery that he can then share with gay men everywhere. He lives in Seattle with his husband and their crazy dog.

Jonathan BealProfile Photo

Jonathan Beal

Kindness Coach

Jonathan Beal is a coach, writer, podcaster, YouTuber and TikToker. I’m deeply passionate about supporting you in overcoming your inner judge & critic, so you can live a life of ease and self-kindness.