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Amir Yass

Amir Yass is an LGBTQ activist battling against racism, transphobia, and body shaming in the queer community. Creating safe spaces is very important to Amir, and he does that on his Instagram & TikTok.

Amir is a queer Muslim unicorn who won’t shy away from any conversation. Comedy is at the center of everything he does. Chatting with Amir is like chatting with an old friend with a lot more sass. From TikTok to Instagram, Amir is always trying to educate the folks through comedy.

Feb. 9, 2023

Queer Comedy as Social Justice with Amir Yass

Amir Yass joins Jonathan and Britt for an illuminating conversation about spirituality, embodied empowerment, white saviorism, religious biases, and queer confidence. But most importantly they discuss all sorts of ways we can practice loving kindness in the face of cognitive …

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