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Case Erickson

Coach , Author, and Podcaster

As a gay father, author, and TEDx speaker who came out of the closet after 14 years of marriage, as well as overcame substance abuse, and lost 40 pounds after selling three restaurants and getting divorced, Case Erickson marries his passion for business, authenticity, and health to empower entrepreneurs to cause more freedom and authentic power in their lives and careers.

His holistic business-meets-life-coaching practice aligns marketing and sales development strategies with health and wellness goals, which create authentic, courageous business leaders who forge the way to a braver tomorrow -- challenging them to come out of WHATEVER closet of fear they have, no matter what their sexual orientation.

Coming Out By Going In with Case Erickson
March 30, 2023

Coming Out By Going In with Case Erickson

Case Erickson joins Britt for an illuminating conversation about religious trauma, reframing spirituality through the lens of love, parenting children as gay men, and finding the freedom to be yourself. But most importantly they discuss all sorts of ways we …

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