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Cindi Bright

Speaker, Author, Host, and Consultant

Cindi Bright is a Speaker, Consultant, Radio Host, and author of “The Color of Courage: Crushing Racism in Corporate America.” Her work focuses on the ecosystems of corporate America impacting and impeding progress for brown and black people. She is the Producer and Host of HeartBeat radio, in its fifth year, a live weekly show hosted on Rainier Avenue Radio, Diverse community programming, focusing on the “heart condition” of this country impeding diversity progress. As a former HR executive, she led HR for three financial services businesses. Her work focused on organizational development, diversity, and leadership. She had global responsibility in these roles. Reporting to CEOs, Cindi has experience working with C-suite executives and Board of Director leaders. A former candidate for public office in 2018, her platform has become a highly sought-after show to air the voices of people, and to influence public policy to improve the lives of black and brown people.

Crushing Corporate Racism with Cindi Bright
April 20, 2023

Crushing Corporate Racism with Cindi Bright

Cindi Bright joins Britt for an illuminating conversation about calling corporations to account for their racist choices, surfacing performative politics, unleashing your power, and finding your courage. But most importantly they discuss all sorts of ways we can practice loving …

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