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Jody Kuehner

Dance Artist, Director, Drag Queen

Jody Kuehner aka Cherdonna Shinatra uses dance, drag, theater, comedy, camp, pop culture, feminist traditions, absurdity and subversive commentary to make art. Eighteen years ago, Jody landed in Seattle where she fell in love with its rowdy, postmodern dance culture. She devoured everything experimental and improvisational, and fell in love with her own queerness. In doing so, Jody created Cherdonna Shinatra as a persona and character to question herself and explore the world from a uniquely queer perspective. Cherdonna’s innocent and child-like personality spreads the love we need to become a better society, but at the same time exposes all the fucked up ways we treat each other. By examining the polarity and proximity of joy and sadness, excitement and fear, and the idea you can love something so much you can hurt it—together with her cartoon-drag meets David Lynch aesthetic—her work as Cherdonna acts as a vehicle for social change, political action, and radical commentary.

Aug. 11, 2022

Queer Clowning with Jody Kuehner

Jody Kuehner joins Jonathan and Britt for an illuminating conversation about what art, comedy, gender, sexuality, clowning, and improvisation can teach us about life in a pandemic and in 2022. But most importantly they discuss all sorts of ways we …

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