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Travis Stock, MSW is a Master Certified Life Coach, Equus Master Facilitator, and teacher. Travis helps others find what creates balance in their lives by first seeking acceptance of what is. He utilizes the Equus experience to connect others with the often forgotten wisdom of the body, allowing for more fully explored and developed choices in their lives. Travis has a passion for the balance between masculine and feminine energies in each of us, regardless of gender, and believes in the importance of nurturing a relationship with both types of energy to create a sense of wholeness. Travis brings with him interest and experience in the areas of emotions, the LGBT community, transformation of trauma and shame, interpersonal relationships, family systems, men and masculinity, and living open-heartedly.

July 28, 2022

Queer Masculinity with Travis Stock

Travis Stock joins Jonathan and Britt for an illuminating conversation about how queer people can transcend our rigid ideas and cultural norms of masculinity, reclaim our authentic forms of expression, and just learn to appreciate, accept, and be ourselves. But …

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